Massage Therapy

There’s nothing like a great massage to work out the kinks and tight muscles that build up from your daily routine & stresses. Let us loosen their grip on your tired body with swedish, deep tissue, reflexology or the ultimate in bliss massage: four hand tandem massage.

Massage Therapy Menu


Combines a variety of techniques with applied pressure to your liking. Warms muscle tissue and releases tension for total relaxation using pure organic essential oils.
60 min: $90
90 min: $130

Deep Tissue

More targeted with more pressure for relief of deep musculoskeletal tension & areas of chronic or acute pain & stiffness. With or without pure organic essential oils.
60 min: $100
90 min: $145

Four Hand Tandem

A truly sensory experience with two massage therapists working in tandem, combining long sweeping strokes with other synchronized techniques. Like experiencing two full body massages at the same time. At first, you might find yourself trying to keep track of the therapists, where each one is and what each one is doing. But with the four hands of two therapists, there's no choice but to completely surrender any sense of control, totally giving in to the massage. This is a wonderful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go and totally relaxing.
60 min: $240
90 min: $350


Ancient wisdom medicine traditions view the feet as our direct connection to the earth. We absorb earth’s energy up through the feet. They serve as one of the primary micro systems through which the entire body can be treated. The feet are a holograph of the entire body, thus specific points on the feet affect corresponding regions of the body. With more nerves in your feet than anywhere else, they are highly sensitized to touch. Relax and restore while we knead, palpate and manipulate what literally carries the weight of your world, using therapeutic essential oils and lotions. We finish the session with a foot wrap to soften the feet, then essential oil of peppermint to refresh, awaken and leave you walking on a cloud. Your feet and whole being will love you for it.
60 min: $ 90
90 min: $130

Thai Massage

Employs yoga-like stretches and gentle pressure along qi meridians to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension, and balance energy. You’ll find it deeply relaxing and restorative. Thai massage employs a floor mat without the use of oils, while the client wears loose fitting clothing.
60 min: $110
90 min: $155


Name comes from two Japanese words: “shi” or finger and “atsu” or pressure. Pressure with thumbs, fingers & palms are applied to acupuncture points along qi meridians. Shiatsu can be performed on a massage table, but is traditionally done on a floor mat where the client wears loose clothing.
60 min: $110
90 min: $155


  • Thanks for sharing your immense wisdom during my identity crisis.
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge, helping Isabel and healing all of us!
    Verena, Isabel, Rainer
  • The pain was excruciating. After a second sleepless night I decided to call Clark Acupuncture at 305-981-7958 to make an appointment. Nancy Clark gave me a treatment and I felt less pain. The second treatment allowed me some sleep and much less pain. After the third time I was pain free and felt human again.

    The treatments at the Clark Acupuncture Center worked wonders for me so I urge anyone experiencing pain to give Nancy Clark a call and get a treatment that actually treats!
    Barbara Cohen, Surfside, FL
  • Thank you so much for having a heart to help people. You have made a life changing experience to no pain. See you soon.
  • Thank you for all your help, healing and kind spirit... it's great living without physical pain.
    Warren F.
  • I'm a 71 year old ex-jock with aches and pains which come with the territory. A friend reccommended Clark Acupuncture Center. I was a hollistic skeptic. No more. Besides being so knowledgeable in natural pain management, Nancy Clark has a wonderful way about her. She explained her methodology in terms I could understand. There is also a gentleness, a simpatico about Nancy. In her office you have such confidence that she is focused on your particular situation. I could go on, but in short I'm back on the tennis court unemcumbered because of Nancy Clark.
    Al Liebmann
  • I would like to thank you for all you did for me, I'll never forget it. You are the greatest! Take care and God bless...
  • Thank you so much for all that you've done to improve my life.