Functional Medicine is Preventive Medicine and more...

Functional Medicine incorporates a comprehensive lifestyle approach for the prevention and treatment of disease. Viewing the body as one whole integrated organism, where complex conditions rarely arise from a single cause, it provides the tools to focus on the bio-chemical unique aspects of each patient and their interaction with their environment. With this we are better able to support and help patients change their behaviors, move them back into wellness and restore balance.

Conventional Medicine = Intervention Medicine

The conventional medicine model seeks to manage symptoms and disease, primarily with the use of pharmaceuticals. This approach rarely targets disease causes in order to correct the disorder at it’s root, thus eliminating the presenting symptoms, along with the rationale for prescribing meds. Using limited blood panels with a very minimalistic approach, patients are not being evaluated thoroughly from a preventive standpoint. Conventional lab reference ranges measure results as normal or abnormal. They’re designed to identify disease states. If you fall within the reference range you’re considered healthy and normal, even when you don’t feel healthy and normal. Nutritional & lifestyle management strategies are rarely emphasized or implemented. Drug intervention is the first line therapy.

Tools Of Functional Medicine

Lifestyle & Nutrition Counseling

Work, play, nutrition habits, exercise, sleep, and response to stress all play key roles in functional and immune health. They compose the underlying factors in your ability to heal and overcome disorders and imbalance, including acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain. The state of your fundamental health often makes a crucial difference in how well and how quickly you recover from traumatic injury or surgery.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

- Views health status from a preventive view, before the onset or further progression of disease rather than a pathological view, which serves to intervene to control symptoms after the onset of disease.

Functional Lab Reference Ranges

- Are more narrow & designed to more critically identify metabolic changes & early signs of imbalance, before they cross the line to a disease state. Using functional ranges, we can better determine nutritional needs, lifestyle modifications, along with more targeted supplemental support, rather than relying on a vitamin of the month approach that does not adequately address your individual needs.

Laboratory Reference Ranges

- Are mostly based on a bell curve analysis using average patient population lab results for your particular region. In 2010, the Centers For Disease Control reported 35.7% of Americans adults & 17% of American children as obese. In 1962, the obesity rate for American adults was 13%. The obesity rates today and how they translate through blood chemistry, are averaged into these bell curve analyses. Therefore, falling within these lab ranges is not necessarily an indicator of good health.

Hormone Balance

Saliva Hormone Testing is a powerful, non-invasive tool for evaluating the effects of stress on your physical, emotional and mental health. When navigating daily life with low immunity, chronic stress, inflammation, unexplained fatigue, impaired glucose metabolism, insomnia, hormone related symptoms and more, saliva tests give us valuable information on how to most efficiently correct hormone imbalances and restore quality of life.

Hormones are more accurately measured in saliva because they assess “unbound or free fraction hormone levels” or what’s actually bio-available to exert specific effects on the body. Saliva is formed from the same tissue fluid which contain the “ free ” hormones. This also correlates to ancient Chinese Medical texts which state: “All the body’s essences are found in the saliva.”

Serum Testing measures two forms of hormone present in the blood; the first is “ protein bound ”, the 2nd is “free,” that which is available to “ pass ” from the capillaries into the tissue fluid. Serum does not measure hormones that are biologically “active“ in the tissue. This may result in no treatment at all, or medications to address symptoms rather than the underlying cause of imbalance. Bio-identical hormone replacement should be reserved as a last resort and be continually monitored for other problems down the road.

Another Important Distinction between serum and saliva
Hormones wax and wane at certain times of the month , most notably for cycling females, therefore one serum hormone sample reveals little about what is occurring any other day than the day of blood draw. When measuring cortisol with the Adrenal Stress Index, the cortisol output varies though out the day, hence, four samples are required for an accurate and useful reading and overall cortisol status.

What Do We Do With The Results? Hormone imbalances can most often be managed and naturally restored using nutritional intervention with supplemental support, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and appropriate lifestyle changes. Bio-identical hormones are advisable only as a last resort and must be monitored for other side affects or problems arising from overdosing.

Hormone Test Panels

Adrenal Stress Index measures:
Cortisol, DHEA, Insulin, SigA, Gliaden Antibody
Cortisol patterns can reveal: unexplained fatigue, insomnia and anxiety, blood sugar imbalances, sex hormone imbalances, HPA axis ( hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) dysfunction, acid reflux patterns.

Cycling Female Hormone Panel measures:
monthly estrogen / progesterone patterns, testosterone, pituitary hormone secretions Which can reveal causes of: irregular painful menses, migraine headache patterns suboptimal fertility, PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome) and more.

Peri and Post Menopause Hormone Panel
Peri to post menopause can last up to 10 years. The right balance of hormones during and after this transition is important to long term emotional, mental and physical health.

Male Hormone Panel measures:
DHEA, Testosterone, androgens, DHT, Progesterone, & Estrogens Andropause symptoms: decreased muscle mass & strength, low energy, decreased libido, insomnia, hair loss and more.

Bone Health Panel assesses:
Hormones and cortisol through saliva, bone breakdown through urine, without exposure to radioactive or x-ray sources

Other Test Panels
  • Food Intolerance Panel
  • Gastrointestinal Health with the addition of stool samples

Diagnos-Techs, Clinical and Research Laboratory, founded in 1987, has been a pioneer and leader in the science of saliva testing, with a commitment to assisting healthcare professionals in restoring patient health and wellness, with over 1.2 million specimens tested per year.

For more information on the tests follow the link to the Diagnos-Techs website:


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