Microcurrent Facial Regeneration

Microcurrent is an electronically-assisted approach to revitalizing and restoring the healthy function of dermal, muscular, and lymphatic metabolism, and is excellent for pre and post facial surgery.

Microcurrent Benefits:
  • Rehabs and releases chronically-spasmodic and knotted facial muscles while increasing circulation of blood and lymph
  • Assists in dissolving and dispersing tiny calcium deposits, prevalent in boney areas such as the forehead and jaw line
  • Reduces degenerative processes through promoting proper functioning of connective tissues
  • Regenerates elastin levels in collagen
  • Reduces inflammatory processes
  • Restores healthy nerve function through polarization effects
  • Stimulates ATP production for muscle relaxation, metabolism, and healing
Microcurrent treatment breaks up and dissolves the “crunchies”, tiny calcium deposits that build up on the boney regions of the forehead and along the jaw line which contribute to forehead lines and sagging jowls.

In a 1982 study using surgically cut skin, microcurrent application proved to increase ATP production by 500%, plus increase protein synthesis & amino acid transport needed to heal the injured tissue. ATP is a molecular unit of “currency” that continually recycles & transports chemical energy within the cells for metabolism.

What does “Micro“ Current mean ?

Think of it in terms of comparison: A “ Macro “ current / frequency, or high dose of electric current is a typical household circuit breaker of 15 or 20 amps. Amps or amperes are the measure of volume of electric flow or current.

Milliamps or 1/1000 of 1 amp range, is used for most tens devices and electric stim machines.

1/ millionth of 1 amp range is a Micro amp of electric current / frequency that’s used in microcurrent.

Minute or” micro” electrical currents in cell membranes were detected by German Scientists Dr. Erwin Neher and Dr. Bert Sakmann in 1991 for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Their method for detection confirmed that electrical activity is not limited to nerve and muscle tissue.

Due to our own production of low frequency electric current, we are naturally and physiologically receptive to micro doses of electric current.

Acupuncture Face Lift

The Chinese definition of beauty is “ Clear Shen “ or the conscious aspect of spirit that shows through the eyes and reflects on the skin; health turned outwards.

Acupuncture points act as control points of the matrix and when micro thin stainless steel acu needles are inserted into points on and around the face, the qi or bio electro magnetic energy is activated, thus stimulating the body’s natural ability to restore, regenerate, and heal.

In a study published in 1975 by electro-medical researchers Reichmanis, Marino and Becker, concluded that; “at most acupuncture points on most subjects there were greater electrical conductance maxims than at random sites.”

Bio-Puncture Facial Regeneration

Acupuncture Face Lift Taken One Step Further

Bio-puncture is a method of mesotherapy that employs the use of micro injections of homeopathic dilutions, or micro doses of FDA approved formulations into acupuncture points primarily, and problem areas secondarily. Acupuncture points on the face and elsewhere on the body have the greatest physiological response and receptivity.

First introduced in France in 1958, mesotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment modality using various shallow insertion techniques, thus stimulating the mesodermal layer of the skin. The mesoderm forms the connective tissue of the body including collagen, bones, ligaments, tendons and muscle, as well as the fatty tissue that surrounds organs.

The formulations used for injection act to restore physiological integrity through intra/extra cellular communicating molecules such as hormones, cytokines, neuropeptides derived from vitamins, nutrients, amino acids and plant biologics. The homeopathic dilutions mimic the same physiologic concentrations found in the human body.

Bio-puncture Benefits:
  • Clears toxins so skin functions and rejuvenates on a cellular level for full, flushed healthy skin
  • Restores proper functioning and slows skin aging with subtle, yet significant changes in skin appearance that occur naturally
  • Injects into the dermis which is rich in connective tissue, fibroblasts, elastin and collagen


  • A progressive / aggressive approach to flawless skin without over processing
  • Green-friendly products
  • Chirally-correct formulas
  • Natural/organic ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
We offer the following gentle, yet effective Skin Fitness specialty peels:
  • Cranberry Enzyme Peel
  • Vitamin C Peel
  • Pumpkin Peel
  • Margarita Peel
  • Noni Peel
  • Hyperpigmentation Peel
  • Pomegranate, Acai, Wine and
  • Date Seed Peel
  • Blueberry Wine Peel
  • Cherry Wine Peel
Skin Fitness products don’t just sit on the skin, they thoroughly transform it, and these specialty peels are specifically designed to target and treat the following:
  • Acne/Congestion
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Dry Skin
  • Ethnic Skin
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Inflammatory Conditions
  • Loss of Elasticity/Aging
  • Sun Damage
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Pregnant or Lactating Women

Above may be used in conjunction with microcurent, acupuncture, or biopuncture treatments

Face As Microsystem

When you treat the face, you treat the whole body
“As above, so below” is manifested in the human body in the microsystems. Microsystems are regions of the body that contain “maps” of the entire organism along with specific acupoints that correspond to various regions of the body. Ear acupuncture is a well known acupoint micro system. Many other microsystems have been charted on the body including the feet (reflexology) hands, and the face. It’s well known that stimulation of microsystem regions and acu points have a powerful regulatory effect on qi and blood balance in the corresponding regions of the body, plus measurable changes in cell electrical conductivity.

Below is one version of the holographic micro systems of the face:
  • Throat & exogenous illnesses
  • Lung
  • Liver & shen or spirit -between eyebrows
  • Liver -bridge of nose
  • Spleen -tip of nose
  • Stomach – nostrils
  • Gallbladder - upper sides of nose
  • Large intestine- beside nostrils
  • Small intestine – below large intestine corner of nose where nose meets cheek
  • Bladder – upper philtrum
  • Prostate or uterus – lower philtrum
  • Kidney or whole lower burner ( region ) chin & sides of lip

Skin Care Price Menu

Price Menu

We believe that everyone deserves the correct treatment regimen for their particular skin condition. That’s why we’ve designed an assort-ment of systems and specialty elements that blend synergistically to remedy the most common and visible skin disorders in adult and teen skin.

6 Step Facial Without Peel (60 minutes) $80
7 Step Facial With Peel (60 minutes) $100
5 Step Mini Facial (30 minutes) $50
*all facials include cleansing, toning, steam/extraction as needed, exfoliation, mask, moisturizer & sun protection

Microcurrent Therapy (60 minutes) $150
* includes 7 Step Facial Less Steam & Extraction

Acupuncture Facelift (45 minutes) $90
* recommended with mini facial

Bio-puncture Face Regeneration (60 minutes)
* with mini facial $175
* without mini facial $125

6 to 10 treatments on average, are recommended for best results depending on skin type and condition.

* Ask us about ANTI-AGING supplements for the skin
* multi treatment package prices available


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