From A Western View

Research has shown that acupuncture stimulates the production of natural occurring steroid hormones and endorphins. Steroid hormones such as cortisol, reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugars, stress response, circadian rhythm and support the body’s ability to adapt on all levels.

The word endorphins is derived from “ endogenous morphine “ and are defined as opioid neuropeptides that prevent nerve cells from releasing more pain signals, thus producing an analgesic effect and feelings of well being. When activated during an acupuncture treatment, both biochemicals cortisol and endorphins, play an integral role in reducing and eliminating cycles of pain, as well as stabilizing disease processes to help reestablish equilibrium.

Below is a link to an article with photos using infrared imaging. The images show changes in a case of neck pain after insertion of needles, not in the neck, but at a point that has a close relationship to the back.

Measurable pain relief using infrared imaging:

From An Eastern View

Acupuncture is based on Eastern medical theory that there exists a network of channels or meridians which transverse the body along with blood vessels and veins. Through these channels flows a physiological bio - electro magnetic energy referred to as “Qi“, pronounced chee. We use very fine stainless steel needles because they are conductors of electro magnetic energy or current. Insertion of the needles often induces a unique and slight electrical sensation that is typically instantaneous, or can come and go during treatment. Needles do not have a cutting blade like a hollow hypodermic, but are finely rounded at the tip. Hence, they do not cut the skin and rarely cause bleeding.

When acute or chronic pain and dysfunction arises, the interconnected flow and balance of qi is disrupted. ( Endorphins and steroid hormone function become depressed) With acupuncture treatment, we insert needles into points of greatest receptivity along the channels, thus reconnecting and redirecting the qi to the affected area. This process reboots your natural ability to heal and reestablish equilibrium. Acupuncture serves as a natural immunotherapy, thus stimulating and supporting one’s inherent immune response and capacity to recover.

More about Qi

Qi acts as the animating force that drives and supports our capacity to function on all levels. Though it’s often referred to as “vital energy”, there is no western medical translation. The Chinese texts do not speculate on what it is, but rather, on what it does. A more familiar concept of Qi pertains to the Martial Arts such as Tai Qi, or Qi Gong. The energy centers known to yoga practitioners as chakras, correspond to primary acupuncture points. These practices of self cultivation enhance interconnectedness and a harmonious flow of qi throughout the body. They are a means to establish fundamental health and well being.

Acupuncture re-aligns us with our nature, natural ability to heal, adapt and evolve. When we are aligned with our own nature, then we can better align with all of nature. This is the fundamental difference between eastern and western medicine. Western medicine is focused on internal pathophysiology. Eastern medicine, from it’s deepest roots of Taoist theory, aims to enrich interconnectedness between the internal Yin, and external Yang. Not only yin and yang or contraction and expansion, but also the transitional phase of connective energy that bridges these polar opposites, thus there are actually three phases. Note the eight sets of three bars that surround the yin yang symbol in the Ba Gua illustration. This view of understanding our own nature, can be observed outwardly in all of nature. Taoist theory qualifies three levels of healing; 1st: Assist someone in overcoming and relieving their pain. 2nd is to help create the conditions for which the patient can come to know themselves. 3rd: is to help create conditions that they may live their potential. Healthy nutrition & lifestyle, realignment with our own natural ability to heal, and living in harmony with nature’s cyclical energy, helps create conditions to achieve all three levels.

What does Acupuncture Treat?

Though acupuncture is most familiar in the West as an alternative treatment for musculosketetal pain, it has a proven track record of addressing a variety of endocrine, circulatory, and systemic disorders including; neurological, gynecological, infertility, gastrointestinal, and respiratory.

Other benefits: Increases vitality and energy, reduces signs of aging, and enhances overall immune function.

How many treatments will I need?

That depends on the fundamental state of your health. Generally, the healthier you are, the more efficiently you respond. Short duration disorders suffered by patients in good health respond quickly. Entrenched and long standing disorders usually require more treatments with greater frequency. A general guideline is 6 to 10 treatments, sometimes less, sometimes more. A general estimation of treatments may be established with a brief consultation.

Once improvement is sustained, treatment is no longer necessary for that condition, but many experience such benefits to their overall health and well being, they continue treatment on a regular basis.

For National Institutes of Health consensus on Acupuncture, visit:

Acu-point Injection Therapy

Also known as mesotherapy or Bio-puncture. Injectable solutions (biotherapeutics) consisting of homeopathic micro doses of plant extracts in saline, are administered just under the dermis using shallow insertion. All formulations are made in the US and FDA approved.

Injection therapy is used primarily to treat various pain disorders and boost immunity.

For more info on Biopuncture visit author and trainer Dr. Jan Kersschot:

US source of biologic injectables:

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal MedicineChinese herbal medicinals are a safe and effective modality of treatment supported by centuries of empirical evidence as well as modern research. When a formula has been prescribed by a qualified practitioner, side affects are rare. Most Chinese medicinals have very low toxicity compared to the most common over the counter western drugs.

Herbs contain a highly complex matrix of components that make them much more effective therapeutically than any one single element. Herbs are a form of therapeutic food found in nature. Humans born of nature and regarded as being of the same source. The ideal treatment method using Chinese Herbals, is to tailor formulas that match and balance the unique energy configuration each patient presents with, and to treat both symptoms and the root disharmony of the whole being, and their changing conditions.

Chinese Herbs come in different forms. We use mostly herb concentrates by Kan Herbals, in approximately 22% alcohol tincture which may be burned off with hot water, if desired. They are highly effective in relatively small dosages.

For more info on Kan Herbals, visit:

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Is employed to treat exhaustion, insomnia, anxiety, or to enhance the efficacy of the acupuncture. An herb called mugwort is burned on the ends of needles, or over acupuncture points until sufficient heat is transmitted to the targeted areas.


Suction cups are used to release muscle spasms and tightness, primarily in the neck, traps, scapula region or entire back. It’s also highly effective in the treatment of cough and lung congestion, by drawing out the congealed heat trapped in the lungs. in what ever organ system is affected.


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